Development & Realisation Assignment – (Final Product)


After I lot of time and hard work, I have finally finished my A2 information graphics poster. I am very pleased with the final result, I stuck to my original plan of flat UI design and didn’t make it a three dimensional design which I could have done, but I felt that the simplistic and minimalism makes the poster look more attractive and appealing for the audience to look at.

Originally, whilst planning and drawing up my designs which can be seen earlier on my blog, I wanted to display all the different statistics of the each and every country in South America. However, after some careful thinking I chose to stick to just the top five countries in South America, as having each country would make the poster look overcrowded and would be a bit overwhelming for the viewer. Also which the design I went with for the display of statistics it would have made it impossible for the countries that are not touching the ocean to b displayed in an appealing way and the stats would have been overlapping into other countries which wouldn’t look nice. Overall I am very pleased with the outcome, but there are a few things with I would have changed if more time was permitted.


When it comes to the text and the font I use, it is very important. As different fonts can give off different messages. I was looking around trying to find infographic font packs or font palettes, much like for the colour palette for Flat UI Design. When I came across this website,, this website give tips for pairing fonts in your designs for infographics posters and in general for any type of design work.

Here are some screen shots of the website.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 22.43.03

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 22.43.13

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 22.43.20

I will be using this website to help me decide what fonts and what combination of fonts to go with. I will then use them in my next post which will be the initial development of my poster on Adobe Illustrator.

Development & Realisation Assignment – (Influences)

During the development and research stage I have been looking at some example information graphics posters to try and get some inspiration from them and maybe think about what mine may look like. There have been a few influences whilst I’ve been researching. These include the colour palette.

flat colour

This palette is taken from my research on flat ui design and I feel that it is an effective colour palette with each colour having another to relate to. I plan to use this colour palette when creating my information graphics poster as I feel these colours stand out and go well together.

I will also be using the website which allow you to straight away copy colours into your clipboard and use them in Adobe Illustrator without having to remember long codes for each colour. Also has a colour which relates to each primary/main colour so you can create shades whilst still being in two dimensions and not using drop shadows.

Here is the website.

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 15.25.21

Another influence I have decided to discuss is the canvas orientation, I feel the canvas orientation is very important for the poster itself as it can help portray different things and provide a different message to the audience. The orientation I want to use is the portrait orientation, as I feel that this orientation will best suit my poster, being able to display the whole of the South American map will fit far better in the portrait layout. As my poster manly focuses around an image and not writing or too many statistics, I think that portrait will suit mine the best.

here are some examples in portrait


I really like this this minimalistic style of infographics poster, it clearly shows the stats as well as providing great visuals too.


Again another really good information graphics poster, clearly shows what the poster represents and doing it in a way which appeals to the audience.


Now that I’ve researched the homicide percentages in South America, I have created a new and improved version of the map of South America. I have now coloured in the countries, try to be reflect each countries colour to create a sense of familiarity. I have also put the homicide percentages per 100,000 for each country. I have included some information in the bottom left corner to indicate what the percentages represent.

In the actual poster I will create the map in a Flat UI Design style, creating a simplistic and stylish graphic. Using all the research and example infographic posters I have looked at I will take into account what kind of colour palette I will go for, also I am still not sure how to display the information in an appealing yet informative way. The next thing I will do now, will to look in the influences my poster my have and what influenced styles, colour palettes or fonts I may use. Also after that to make an initial development on Adobe Illustrator and begin to build the actual poster.



After looking around on google for crime rates in South America and trying to find every single crime rate. I found this quite difficult to sieve through a lot of statistics which weren’t all about the same things for each country, as I found it hard to find out certain things for each country. However something I could find for each country was the homicide percentage for each country. This percentage is recorded by the homicide rate per 100,000 people in each country (each percentage will be the latest published statistic for each country). And this is the statistic I will be comparing all the country with.

In order from lowest to highest



12th Position – Percentage of homicide per 100,000: 3.1%



11th Position – Percentage of homicide per 100,000: 5.5%



10th Position – Percentage of homicide per 100,000: 6.1%



9th Position – Percentage of homicide per 100,000: 7.9%



8th Position – Percentage of homicide per 100,000: 9.6%



7th Position – Percentage of homicide per 100,000: 9.7%



6th Position – Percentage of homicide per 100,000: 12.1%



5th Position – Percentage of homicide per 100,000: 12.4%



4th Position – Percentage of homicide per 100,000: 17.0%



3rd Position – Percentage of homicide per 100,000: 25.2%



2nd Position – Percentage of homicide per 100,000: 30.8%



1st Position – Percentage of homicide per 100,000: 53.7%

All images can be found at

All statisitics taken from 

All of these statistics are going to be the ones I use for the final poster and I will put them onto my next sketch which will be the improved version of the first one I did.

 Another view go the stats

Table of Homicide Percentages in South America

Country                                            %       No. of Times   Region          Sub Region            Year

 Venezuela 53.7 16,072 Americas South America 2012
 Colombia 30.8 14,670 Americas South America 2012
 Brazil 25.2 50,108 Americas South America 2012
 Guyana 17.0 135 Americas South America 2012
 French Guiana (France) 13.3 30 Americas South America 2009
 Ecuador 12.4 1,924 Americas South America 2012
 Bolivia 12.1 1,270 Americas South America 2012
 Paraguay 9.7 649 Americas South America 2012
 Peru 9.6 2,865 Americas South America 2012
 Uruguay 7.9 267 Americas South America 2012
 Suriname 6.1 33 Americas South America 2012
 Argentina 5.5 2,237 Americas South America 2010
 Chile 3.1 550 Americas South America 2012


After looking at some examples of information graphics posters, I decided to sketch my own interpretation of what I think my infographics poster is going to look like. This is a very basic outline of the design and just give me an initial thought to what I can make. Using this sketch as a template I can now build on from here and further create something to appeal to the audience as well as provide informative information.

My next step is to start researching in the crime rates and gun crime percentages in South America. Then I will make another sketch with the acquired information and build an improved version of this sketch. I currently just have the names of the countries coming out, I think I will have the maybe the countries flag coloured into itself or maybe the flag by where the name of the country is. In addition the percentage crime rate to go along with that to show the educational side of the poster.



Now I have the topic of my information graphics poster, I will now need to start researching about the topic to help me figure out how I want it to look and what things I want to be included on the poster itself. I first began to look at some examples of information graphics posters to get an insight into what they should look like. I searched for them with my topic in mind, by googling south america information graphic posters. And here are some of the posters I found.

crime rates poster 3

The things I like about this poster is the Flat UI Design style of it, this is something I want to incorporate into my design and I feel it gives the poster a simplistic yet very effective look to it.

crime rate poster 1

This information graphics poster links to my theme directly and I like the layout and the way they present the information to you. However, as its not Flat UI Design I don’t think its a style I will be going for.

crime rates poster 4

I especially like the colour palette and use of colour throughout this poster. Something I am thinking about introducing into my poster will be to use different shades of the same colour to display different areas which are effected in more major ways. Definitely something I could use in mine.

Development & Realisation Assignment – (Planning #1)

As you can clearly see in the mind map I have drawn, I have come to the conclusion of picking the topic of looking into South America and study each country to see which country in South America has the highest percentage of crime within that country. Looking the death rates, gang crime and gun crime, then overall seeing which country is the most criminal. The title I am thinking of using is ‘Which country is the most criminal?’.

I did also look into some topics about crime but I felt that the South American region would be the most interesting the look into.


Development & Realisation Assignment – (Change of Plan)

I found myself thinking that the theme of ‘Places I’ve Been’ wasn’t exactly the most interesting and informative idea for an infographics poster. After an extensive brainstorm I found myself at the point where I feel I needed to change my theme. The theme would still be sticking to something to do with countries and the world map, so a lot of my previous work would go to waste. The new theme I will be making an information graphics poster on will be ‘Crime Rates in South America’ or ‘Percentage of Gun Crime in South America’ this would be going through each country on a map and labelling the percentage (%) of crime overall or gun crime that occurs in each country of South America. I really think that this information graphics poster be will far more interesting and provide much more information for the audience than just the places I’ve been to.

So, from here I will conduct some new research into crime rates in the South American countries and post again as research for the poster. I will also draw up some hand drawn sketches in my sketch book to try and plan out what kind of poster I want and then use the research to bring to poster together. Seeing as I’ve already made an initial development poster earlier, the skills and techniques haven’t gone to waste as this was just practice and will therefore help me in my creation of the new poster.

Like I have done with the old theme, I will again go over the influences that my poster may have, in terms of colour palette, fonts, style and also canvas orientation.

Moving forward, all my posts on the Development and Realisation Assignment previous to this post aren’t my old idea, and anything I post after this post are for my new idea and are final for my infographics poster.