Now that I’ve researched the homicide percentages in South America, I have created a new and improved version of the map of South America. I have now coloured in the countries, try to be reflect each countries colour to create a sense of familiarity. I have also put the homicide percentages per 100,000 for each country. I have included some information in the bottom left corner to indicate what the percentages represent.

In the actual poster I will create the map in a Flat UI Design style, creating a simplistic and stylish graphic. Using all the research and example infographic posters I have looked at I will take into account what kind of colour palette I will go for, also I am still not sure how to display the information in an appealing yet informative way. The next thing I will do now, will to look in the influences my poster my have and what influenced styles, colour palettes or fonts I may use. Also after that to make an initial development on Adobe Illustrator and begin to build the actual poster.



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