Development & Realisation Assignment – (Final Product)


After I lot of time and hard work, I have finally finished my A2 information graphics poster. I am very pleased with the final result, I stuck to my original plan of flat UI design and didn’t make it a three dimensional design which I could have done, but I felt that the simplistic and minimalism makes the poster look more attractive and appealing for the audience to look at.

Originally, whilst planning and drawing up my designs which can be seen earlier on my blog, I wanted to display all the different statistics of the each and every country in South America. However, after some careful thinking I chose to stick to just the top five countries in South America, as having each country would make the poster look overcrowded and would be a bit overwhelming for the viewer. Also which the design I went with for the display of statistics it would have made it impossible for the countries that are not touching the ocean to b displayed in an appealing way and the stats would have been overlapping into other countries which wouldn’t look nice. Overall I am very pleased with the outcome, but there are a few things with I would have changed if more time was permitted.


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