Now I have the topic of my information graphics poster, I will now need to start researching about the topic to help me figure out how I want it to look and what things I want to be included on the poster itself. I first began to look at some examples of information graphics posters to get an insight into what they should look like. I searched for them with my topic in mind, by googling south america information graphic posters. And here are some of the posters I found.

crime rates poster 3

The things I like about this poster is the Flat UI Design style of it, this is something I want to incorporate into my design and I feel it gives the poster a simplistic yet very effective look to it.

crime rate poster 1

This information graphics poster links to my theme directly and I like the layout and the way they present the information to you. However, as its not Flat UI Design I don’t think its a style I will be going for.

crime rates poster 4

I especially like the colour palette and use of colour throughout this poster. Something I am thinking about introducing into my poster will be to use different shades of the same colour to display different areas which are effected in more major ways. Definitely something I could use in mine.


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