Development & Realisation Assignment – (Change of Plan)

I found myself thinking that the theme of ‘Places I’ve Been’ wasn’t exactly the most interesting and informative idea for an infographics poster. After an extensive brainstorm I found myself at the point where I feel I needed to change my theme. The theme would still be sticking to something to do with countries and the world map, so a lot of my previous work would go to waste. The new theme I will be making an information graphics poster on will be ‘Crime Rates in South America’ or ‘Percentage of Gun Crime in South America’ this would be going through each country on a map and labelling the percentage (%) of crime overall or gun crime that occurs in each country of South America. I really think that this information graphics poster be will far more interesting and provide much more information for the audience than just the places I’ve been to.

So, from here I will conduct some new research into crime rates in the South American countries and post again as research for the poster. I will also draw up some hand drawn sketches in my sketch book to try and plan out what kind of poster I want and then use the research to bring to poster together. Seeing as I’ve already made an initial development poster earlier, the skills and techniques haven’t gone to waste as this was just practice and will therefore help me in my creation of the new poster.

Like I have done with the old theme, I will again go over the influences that my poster may have, in terms of colour palette, fonts, style and also canvas orientation.

Moving forward, all my posts on the Development and Realisation Assignment previous to this post aren’t my old idea, and anything I post after this post are for my new idea and are final for my infographics poster.


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