Development & Realisation Assignment – (Initial Development)

For this stage of my Development & Realisation Assignment I decided to create an initial design on Adobe Illustrator, which is basic and just provides an insight into what the poster would look like. This was to just get me back into using Adobe Illustrator and seeing what things would work and what things would not work.

Here is my initial development of the Information Graphics Poster created on Adobe Illustrator


This initial poster shows the outline, so to speak, of what the poster is based around. The country outlines could be filled in with its own countries flag to add some variety, I could also add some of the flag below or above the country outlines, as well as using some drop shadows, textures or gradient to give them a more three dimensional feel.

I know at the moment the spacing between countries in terms of the time space is very inaccurate but due to small amounts of room, I found it difficult to fit everything in on a realistic time frame and this is something I will be working on. Another realistic additional would be to add a photograph of my visit to these countries and have them coming off the country in a pin drop fashion.

I will be working on this and practicing at my Adobe Illustrator skills to try and improve the poster.


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