Development & Realisation Assignment – (Influences)

During the development and research stage I have been looking at some example information graphics posters to try and get some inspiration from them and maybe think about what mine may look like. There have been a few influences whilst I’ve been researching. These include the colour palette.

flat colour

This palette is taken from my research on flat ui design and I feel that it is an effective colour palette with each colour having another to relate to. I plan to use this colour palette when creating my information graphics poster as I feel these colours stand out and go well together.

I will also be using the website which allow you to straight away copy colours into your clipboard and use them in Adobe Illustrator without having to remember long codes for each colour. Also has a colour which relates to each primary/main colour so you can create shades whilst still being in two dimensions and not using drop shadows.

Here is the website.

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 15.25.21

Another influence I have decided to discuss is the canvas orientation, I feel the canvas orientation is very important for the poster itself as it can help portray different things and provide a different message to the audience. The orientation I want to use is the landscape orientation, as this orientation is far more informative and I feel looks better for something that needs to provide a lot of information. Portrait is more of a layout for something to look at and this isn’t the orientation I will be using.

here are some examples in landscape





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