Flat UI Design (Research)

For research on the information graphics poster, I decided to look at some Flat UI Design as it will help me develop my own poster. Flat UI Design is a design genre used for application and websites. It is an interface design which removes any types of stylistic design which makes things look 3D on your screen. It removes drop shadows, textures, gradients and any other tools which can add depth to an image. This style of design is inspired through minimalism and work from the Bauhaus movement.

Here are some examples of Flat UI Design being used in industry by some huge companies, such as Windows & Apple. Their use of the Flat UI Design style has influenced other developers to use this style too.



This is the latest Windows software to hit the market, Windows 8, it was the first major software to use Flat UI design in its design. The good thing about this design it can be viewed over various different mediums and will still look the same, so whether you’re using a phone, tablet or computer you will still have the same Flat UI interface, so therefore can fit over multiple screen sizes. A very clever move by the developers at Windows.

Another developer to use this design was Apple in their latest iPhone software, iOS 8, this interface design saw the use of drop shadow on its application disappear and turn to the use of Flat UI Design on its applications. Here is an example.





This new design from Apple creates a more simplistic yet more professional appearance to the classic apple interface.

They have also done the same with their latest Mac operating system, OS X Yosemite, which replaced the old OS X Mavericks. Mavericks used to have a design which I wasn’t too fond of but now with the Yosemite update we can now see a Flat UI Design to Apples operating system. Here is an example.





Comparing Yosemite to Mavericks, I feel that Yosemite again the same with iOS 8 gives afar more professional feel to the software and creates a bold and more simplistic look which I really like and would love to replicate into my own information graphic poster design.

I then decided to look into some colour palettes which I notice ran throughout most of the Flat UI Designs and looked into them further. This is what I found out.

Here is a website called www.flatuicolors.com which enables you to click on any colour and it will copy it straight to your clipboard for you to use in software such as Adobe Illustrator which I will be using for my information Graphics poster.

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 15.25.21



These colour palettes will be the ones that I use for my information graphics poster as I feel it will be simple, bold and appealing to the audience.


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