Development & Realisation Assignment – (Planning & Research #3)

This is my third sketch for planning and research of the information graphics poster, I’ve decided to sketch a timeline representing when and where I have been to in a timeline layout. To make it much more clear what time in my life I went there. This is obviously looks nothing like the actual poster I would make by gives a simple feel to what it could look like. I would have the names of the places coming off the timeline and displaying the date of visit, in some cases the length of visit and also the countries flag or outline of the country itself. Also the timeline would be far more realistic with the time gap between different countries being farther away for the time frame. For instance the distance between (Qatar 2003) and (Italy 2006) would be far greater than displayed here to create a realistic feel as to when in my life I went there. This at the moment is only an idea and I’m still contemplating whether or not to stick my original plan or not but maybe make a few changes here and there.

I will carry on researching information graphic posters, as well as drawing up sketches to help me finalise on a piece I want to take into the Adobe Illustrator software.



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