Development & Realisation Assignment – (Planning & Research #2)

This the second sketch I have done as part of my planning for the for my Information Graphics Poster. I decide to conduct a mind map to try and work out how many countries and which particular countries I have been to, to get an idea of how much information I will be showing on my information graphics poster. In total I have been to 20 different countries around the world, 18 are shown on the sketch but in the United Kingdom I’ve been to 3 of the countries which make up the UK.

While sketching this mind map, I had a change in idea of how to present the info graphics poster, I originally thought to use an entire world map and have pin effects on each country I have been to. Displaying an image of me there or an image of the flag. However, now I am thinking of displaying it in the form of a timeline, which I will sketch and explain my thoughts in the next post.

IMG_5381.JPGmy flag drawing skills need improvement 😦


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