Development & Realisation Assignment – (Planning & Research)

I have chosen my assignment theme to be ‘Places I Have Visited’, I’ve drawn a world map on my sketch book and coloured in the places I’ve visited to get an idea of how many places I’ve been to.


In the actual Information Graphics A2 Poster I plan to use a ‘pin drop’ feature. Just like on google maps, I will pin drop to every country I have been to and then have a photograph coming off of each pin drop, the photograph will be of me from when I visited these countries. And I am thinking that the countries which have more significance to me, for example Kuwait, where I lived there for 5 years will have a bigger photograph than an image from a country I only was in for a few days.

This is the pin drop feature from google maps.

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 20.30.44


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