Development & Realisation Assignment – Communication Design A2 Poster (Planning)

We have been set an assignment for our new topic of development and realisation. This topic involves creating a communication design A2 poster on a specific topic.

Here is the to do list for the assignment;

To Do

  • In preparation for your first tutorial seminar this week please complete the following:

–Start a weblog (if you do not already have one). [done]

–Post an article to the weblog:

  • Explaining your understanding of your production work assignment, the Communication Design A2 Poster;
  • Your initial thoughts on what theme you may tackle;
  • Some images of communication design / information graphics that tackle your chosen theme or similar.

For this task we will need to produce a communication design A2 poster surrounding a specific topic of our choice. This poster will need to be made on Adobe Illustrator, InkScape etc.


The theme which I have chosen is ‘Places I have been around the world’. As I have had the privilege to travel to many places around the world I feel I can create a really good poster involving this theme.

Retro infographics set. World Map and Information Graphics depositphotos_22473681-Retro-infographics-set.-World-Map-and-Information-Graphics

These are some examples of information graphics involving world maps and countries, I hope to make my communication design A2 poster to as good as this standard but maybe focussing on the country element and not the word map as a whole.


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