Task 4 – Kinetic Typography (Research Stage)

Before I can create my own kinetic typography sequence I need to find out my about it. I learnt some basic skills and techniques in the Adobe After Effects workshop on kinetic typography, however I would like to widen my skills and advance the techniques I already know so that I can create a better sequence that the one I made for practice. I have looked around on YouTube videos to find tutorials into more advanced ways some using kinetic typography. Like this one.

This video I feel will help me massively in the process of building my kinetic typography sequence. And hope to develop my skills further in this process and hopefully make something as good as the video.

What is Kinetic Typography?

Kinetic typography refers to the art and technique of expression with animated text. Similar to the study of traditional typography of designing static typographic forms, kinetic typography focuses on understanding the effect time has on the expression of text. Kinetic typography has demonstrated the ability to add significant emotive content and appeal to expressive text, allowing some of the qualities normally found in film and the spoken word to be added to static text.


HinkerPS3, (2012). Adobe After Effects Tutorial Kinetic Typography. [online]. Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldsXqaGB7Ac Accessed: [1st Nov 2014]

Johnny Lee Chung, (2008). Kinetic Typography [online]. Available at: http://www.johnnylee.net/kt/ Accessed: [1st Nov 2014]


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