Task 2 – Temporal Expressions (Final Products)

Joiner Image Photograph

Clock Joiner

‘The Cycle of Time’ or ‘The Time Cycle’ was the theme that inspired the joiner image I have created. I chose a clock as this obviously is a way to tell the time and display the theme ‘cycle’ Using the inspiration from Nick Rough in the research stage for joiner images, I found that uses different angles, exposure and even lighting created a greta joiner image and once put into Adobe Photoshop CC I played around with the opacity of some of the images so that they would overlap well and thus create an exciting joiner image. I am not 100 percent happy with the way it came along, as if I were to do this joiner image again then I feel I would have maybe capture something more interesting to look at.

Long Exposure Photographs

IMG_5157 IMG_5165IMG_5173  IMG_5171

These images which are captured at long exposure are of car tail lights from the perspective of a bridge of the M25 just outside London. London is a city filled with commuters and people working so capturing these images of people either returning or going to work fits into the theme of cycle by showing the theme of ‘the cycle of life’ and I feel that these images capture that very well. The other images are of sparklers creating a spiral pattern which links to the theme of cycle and rotation.

Short Exposure Photograph

Water Flows From Domestic Tap, UK

This is my final image showing short exposure, I captured this image as I like the way the way water looks in frozen motion. The image links into the theme of ‘cycle’ through the water cycle, which I have looked into in my research. I feel that I have used the techniques that I found in my research well, and capture a stunning image of water running from a tap.


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