Task 2 – Temporal Expressions

Today were were given our 2nd task. The task again is photography based and revolves around the theme of ‘cycle’. In the context of the following tasks, use our blogs to reflect on ‘space and time’ expression within Art History – from Cubism to Hockney. Ref: http://thedelightsofseeing.blogspot.co.uk/2011/03/cubism-joiners-and- multiple-viewpoint.html Reference David Hockneys photo collage work: http://www.hockneypictures.com/works_photos.php use the theme “CYCLE” to unify your experiments in the following:

  1. create a joiner image in the style of David Hockney
  2. produce creative photo-images which exploit long exposure (eg light painting, motion-blur, slit-scan etc)
  3. produce creative photo images or sequences which exploit short exposure (eg, sports, frozen motion etc)

Additionally, look into tutorials on cinemagraph techniques and parallax/2.5D techniques and create your own images on the CYCLE theme.


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