Photoshop & Processing Workshops

After the first 2 weeks, I am now getting down to actually learning things. And had a introduction to Media Theory lecture last on Monday. We also now have been assigned an essay to do which is 1000 words on the topic of Diagnostics, this essay is to be due in at the end of October.

Using either the concept of TEXT or AUDIENCE analyse one media text chosen from your own subject specialism. Your answer MUST draw upon ideas and approaches examined in lectures and also key and wider reading listed within the unit guide and discussed in seminars.” This is the outline of the essay from the essay brief sheet.

After being given this essay, we had 2 lectures. One of the lectures was on Photoshop and the other on Processing, both of these workshops were introductory and just to ease us into the basics of Photoshop and Processing. Photoshop is something I’ve used before and I am familiar with but my skills are still faiphotoshop logorly minimal so the Photoshop lecture on Layer Masks really did help me get up to speed with Photoshop basics. On the other hand Processing is something I’ve never touched before, it is something I’d really like to to master but I can tell it may take a while. We went over some basic codes and techniques of Processing but with the help of the tutorials on the website, I should be able work on my processing skills.


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