Task 1 – Alphabet Photography (Final Product)


Here is the final product I have put together on Adobe Photoshop CC forming a poster like layout.

All the photographs were taken is portrait orientation rather than landscape as this was told to us in the task brief, all the photos were taken outdoors and I specifically stuck to the theme of nature as it was mentioned that it would be better to stick to one theme rather than cross over to different themes as this wouldn’t look as good for the final piece. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this task, going around taking photos, I feel my eye was drawn to making a letter of the alphabet at everything thing I saw when doing this task. I look forward to the next task we will be set.

If I were to do this task again I would have chosen to take the photographs with a better quality camera maybe a Canon 5D or something like that as the image would have been far better quality than the iPhone 5 which I used. Also another thing I would consider changing would be the theme of nature, nature was a fairly hard theme to stick to as some of the letters were very difficult to find and maybe a theme of man-made things or an industrial theme could have been better than the theme of nature.


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